Wood is considered one of the oldest and most reliable building materials. The ability to shape wood into beautiful and functional creations has improved with advances in technology and craftsmanship. Some of the oldest evidence of carpentry can be found in the Czech Republic where water well casings have been dated back to 5256 BC. Drawing on the rich history of the trade and with many years of exceptional builds under our belt, we have gained and maintained an impeccable reputation in the building industry for high quality carpentry and timely completion of projects. Patterson Built are an established and recommended provider of specialist and superior carpentry to commercial and residential projects.  

We employ a team of skilled and motivated carpenters whose carpentry experience and technical skills are of the highest calibre to ensure we work cohesively to deliver through best practice and exceptional service on every project.  

What is carpentry?

Carpentry is the trade of a carpenter. It’s is one of the most utilised and necessary skills of the building trade because of the specialised techniques and knowledge that are required when working with different kinds of wood. In the building trade, there are a number of different types of carpentry.  

Rough carpentry is carpentry work that does not always need a neat finish, as it is covered up by walls or other work. The most common example of rough carpentry is structural carpentry such as the speedy erection of the structural components of a building, including beams, posts and rafters. Rough carpentry also includes roofing and framing of buildings.  

Finish carpentry is the other main type of carpentry work and refers to any work that will be visible once a project is completed. Finish carpentry requires a high level of detail and includes flooring, staircases, decking, window and door installation as well as trim and moulding.  

Other types of carpentry include formwork carpentry and cabinetmaking. Formwork carpentry focusses on the carpentry frame needed for the pouring of concrete, while cabinetmaking focuses on building cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, offices and such.  

Patterson Built are expert carpenters with over 70 years experience!

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What can a carpenter do?

At Patterson Built our carpentry team construct, erect, repair and install fixtures and structures made of wood and other materials. Our qualified and experienced carpenters can provide a wide range of carpentry services from in-home projects to larger commercial and industrial projects. Our carpenters are also able to provide advice to you on a range of carpentry and building issues. Our carpentry services include, bathroom renovations, decking, fencing, extensions, flooring, renovations and restorations, as well as general carpentry and may also assist with any approvals and permits required for the carpentry work that you require.  

Patterson Built carpentry work is always completed with premium supplies and materials to ensure the highest standard of work and value for money. Our carpentry team focusses on attention to detail. We have a solid history of high quality carpentry work from heritage-listed buildings to commercial developments. Our work consistently reflects our position as the leader in the field of carpentry work in Sydney 

What is the difference between a carpenter and a builder? 

Any good building company utilises the skills of both builders and carpenters as they have different skills and assess a project from different viewpoints. At Patterson Built, our carpentry team works professionally with our in-house builders to ensure the completion of your build is of the highest quality standard, no matter which way you look at it. This teamwork and communication form part of our reputation and sets us apart from the competition.   

Even though they work together symbiotically, there are a number of key differences between the work of a builder and the work of a carpenter. A builder’s job is to manage the building project from start to finish as well as the responsibilities of submitting plans to council (and following through to obtain relevant building permits), scheduling the building process and working with building inspectors. A builder will schedule and coordinate the needed trades including the required carpentry work. Carpenters, on the other hand, are directed by the builders to different projects on the build. It’s the carpenter’s job to ensure that their work complies with the plans and locality building code and is completed to the highest possible standard. 

Our specialised team of established and experienced carpenters bring highly developed and refined skills to your particular project, always working diligently and according to our precision standards, to produce carpentry work of the highest quality. 

As a building company, we take on the coordination of all the building work to complete your entire project including, plumbing, painting and any carpentry that is involved.  

From conception to completion, Patterson Built are here for all your carpentry needs.  We want you to be proud of the work we complete. Patterson Built are your first choice for any carpentry projects. Contact our building and carpentry team to discuss your upcoming project needs