A commercial builder you can trust

Trust – the single most important element in the relationship you develop with your clients.  Your client needs to trust you.  Everything about your shop front appearance should portray a feeling of accuracy, surety and originality.  Trusting Patterson Built to be your commercial builder is the first step in building a client base that trusts you. 

Trust Patterson Built to be your commercial builder.  We are Master Builders who have experience in meeting the needs of large multinational commercial work through to construction in schools and smaller niche and custom commercial ventures.  All built right the first time, on time and on budget.   

Looking for the best commercial builder is no walk in the park.  Often this is one of the harder tasks for a smaller or developing business.  This is our business and it’s our mission to get you the retail premises you dream of.  Our experience has taught us that many of our commercial clients can sometimes feel lost and powerless at this step of the journey.  

At this crucial step in the journey Patterson Built understand that questions abound:  

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Best building and construction sydney

Why do I need a commercial builder?

Commercial builders have the know-how, labour resources, communication systems and, importantly, the experience to bring your retail project to life.  Choosing second best here is choosing to lose clients.  Avoid the anger, stress and financial hardship and employ Patterson Built as your commercial builder.   

What is commercial building work?

In plain speak – any building work that is not intended as a residential premises.  Beyond the construction of a commercial building, this also encompasses structural and non-structural fit outs, structural landscaping, complete re-builds, repairs and alterations or extensions to existing structures.   

Why do I need a commercial builder?

A registered commercial builder manages and takes responsibility for all elements of the construction of commercial buildings and structures.  These include Class 2 – Class 9 Buildings and Structures as outlined in the Building Code of Australia.  At Patterson Built we have intimate knowledge of the relevant codes, classes and regulations that surround the construction or renovation of a commercial property.   

Make your vision their mission today by giving them a call to discuss your ideas and work out a budget.

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How do I choose the right commercial builder?

The best commercial builders in Sydney, like Patterson Built, have mastered more than the bricks, mortar, framework, fit and finish.  The key to success here is communication.  You need a commercial builder that you can talk to.  We’ve learnt the art of turning your ideas into reality through communication.  Your Patterson Built builder is a phone call away, ready and willing to talk to you.  It’s the little things and attention to detail in construction that make all the difference to you and your clients.  Discover the Patterson Built difference.  

Choosing Patterson Built as your commercial builder is choosing a company that has one foot firmly planted in old school values, reliability and craftsmanship.  The other foot is headed towards the future, driving innovation, sustainability and creativity

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A professional and accomplished commercial building team

We work in an industry that changes extremely quickly.  Patterson Built are at the forefront of the commercial building business evolution.  We combine the old school values with everchanging methods, ideas and products in the building industry.  New building products that continue to flood the market open up exciting opportunities for our clients.   

Firstly, new products equal new ideas.  The word ‘impossible’ now describes less and less in the building industry.  Your imagination and the Patterson Built know-how and possibilities are opened up and impossibilities shut down.  

Secondly, utilising the ever expanding range of sustainable products and incorporating renewable energy into our buildings and renovations is beneficial to everyone.   The benefits are found in the efficient construction of your dream and the lower running costs of your business in the future.   

The end result isyour business is unique.  Your clients will have a new reference point for what they expect from your industry.  Your commercial enterprise won’t remind your clients of your competitors.  A Patterson Built commercial construction is unique, innovative and creative.  Contact with Patterson Built today to find out why we’re at the forefront of commercial builders in Sydney.  

Grant, Melanie, Adrian, Ray and Marie are the core of our family built business.  We know that your business is like a family member all of its own.  Your business needs love, understanding and proactivity to stay happy and healthy.  From conception to completion, Patterson Built is here for you.  We want you to be proud of your business – Patterson Built is your commercial builder.  Get in contact with us and let’s get move from dream to reality.