Meet The Team

Welcome To The Patterson
Built Family

The Patterson Built family is made up of a team of fun, vibrant people who are passionate about building homes and achieving the best result possible for our clients. Our strong family values are reflected in the culture within our team. This is reflected holistically across the business. Our commitment to quality, exceptional workmanship, and the personalised service that we provide to our clients, ensures that you have a building journey that is stress free, enjoyable, and exciting.

We have a strong set of core values that are set by the team, for the team. Ensuring a strong culture for growth, support, and client relationships. So, when you build with us, you’re not only receiving excellence in your build, you’re becoming part of the Patterson Built family.

Managing Director

Grant Patterson

As Managing Director, Grant has always had a very clear vision for the future of Patterson Built. With over two decades of industry experience, from carpentry to concreting and metal roofing, Grant knows how to co-ordinate a successful construction project. He is a devoted Husband to Melanie who works alongside him in the business and a very proud father to their young daughter, Danika.

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Grant’s strong family values are widely felt throughout the Patterson Built Team. He gained his passion for building from his father, Ray which was further fostered by Steve who he completed his apprenticeship under. Both of these men offered similar advice... ‘do it right the first time’. Those powerful words have become a big part of the mission statement for his business, his team and his life. Grant has always believed in fostering these working relationships and still works collaboratively with Steve on occasion.

Although Grant has always had an incredible work ethic and impeccable standard of workmanship, he quickly realised that it was these values that set him, and the Patterson Built brand apart from so many.

Grant is passionate about his work and loves to work directly with his clients to get a feel for their vision and get to know them before commencing their project. Grant has truly had a phenomenal career with some spectacular builds, renovations, and fit outs to put to the Patterson Built brand.

Member of the Master Builders Association & HIA. Grant invests every year into his personal development and business development to ensure he is always educated in how he can be the best version of himself for his family, team, & clients. This also helps to implement the strategies necessary to build, grow and systemize the business. He believes he has a lot to offer the next generation of young builders and continues to participate in the apprenticeship scheme.

Patterson Built received the  MBA Award for Excellence in Housing in 2018 and the Hawkesbury Local Business Award for Best Trade Service in 2016. We will continue to strive towards peer recognition by upholding these extremely high standards, both in their finished projects and in everyday communications with their clients.

Construction Manager

Adrian Ashton

Adrian joined the Patterson Built team in November 2015 and brought with him over 19 years of experience in the industry. A committed family man who grew up in the Hawkesbury, he brings a warm and positive vibe everywhere he goes. His attention to detail, honesty and reliability have become a great support for Grant and an asset to the Patterson Built team.

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Adrian has extensive experience coordinating, managing and supervising both residential and commercial projects. He was responsible for running major projects such as Kmart and Coles store constructions, various hospitality refurbishments and school extensions as part of the BER Program. On the residential side of things, he has had extensive experience managing and supervising luxury architecturally designed homes, second floor additions, renovations and knockdown re-builds.

Adrian’s roles with Patterson Built include:

  • Supervising projects, including safety management, quality control, liaising with clients, adhering to budgets, and weekly job reporting
  • On the job training for apprentices
  • Quoting and scheduling of jobs and trades
  • Communicating and understanding clients’ needs
  • Ensuring the exceptional quality that is expected of Patterson Built is consistently delivered

Adrian works extremely well with staff, trades, and clients alike and has great team building skills that keep everyone motivated onsite. We are privileged to have him with us as we continue to grow and develop the Patterson Built brand.

Construction Administration

Marie Cilia

Marie joined the Patterson Built family in July 2017 to fill the Executive Assistant position. Marie came from a 5-year background in Real Estate where her roles ranged from Administration and Property Management to Sales. This experience taught Marie great organisation and communication skills, as well as how to build strong client relationships which helped her achieve record property sales.

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Over the years following her initial employment, Marie has proved to be an absolute asset to the Patterson Built team. Her attention to detail and efficiency has seen her expand her role to Office Manager and as we have evolved and nurtured her interests in different areas of the office, she is now in Construction Administration role.

Some of her roles & responsibilities are:

  • Tendering & Estimating process
  • Scheduling Jobs
  • Project Budgets
  • Client selections process
  • Construction Administration

She truly is an all-rounder who adapts easily to her environment. She brings her very strong family values with her and feels these are a huge benefit in her ability to build relationships with our clients.

Marie is the driving force behind the implementation of various software to allow for the building process to be effortlessly streamlined. Patterson Built are extremely proud to have Marie as part of the family and believe she will be an asset to the company moving forward into the future.

Marketing Manager

Melanie Patterson

Melaine is Grant’s wife, mother to their young daughter, Danika and has assisted in the management and growth of Patterson Built since its inception. Melanie has been an entrepreneur in her own right for over 15 years and has developed a keen sense of what is required to run a smooth operation.

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Melanie put in place the foundations of the Patterson Built business, implementing many systems to streamline production and communication. She has shifted roles many times throughout the years but focuses now on working directly with the marketing team in an Executive position. She has a strong focus on keeping the culture strong within the team and is the driving force behind implementing various team bonding throughout the year to ensure the Patterson Built family are always being nurtured and are growing individually, as well as within the team.

Melanie is a large part of why Patterson Built is such a successful business. She is a great support system for all team members and will continue to ensure that the Integrity and values are upheld within the Company and with our clients.

Finance / Office Manager

Belinda Heit

Belinda joined the Patterson Built family in early 2021 and brought a fresh new energy to the team. Starting out as client of ours, she realised what an amazing culture there was within the Patterson Built family and quickly became a perfect addition to the team.

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With over 15 years’ experience in various accounts roles, extensive experience in finance and payroll, many of this specifically within the building industry, she has been an invaluable addition to the team.

Belinda is family orientated and fits perfectly with the culture and values we hold. She loves travelling and has a real zest for life in general.

Some of her roles & responsibilities include:

  • Finance (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable & Financial Reporting)
  • Payroll
  • Office Management
  • Assisting in the day to day running of the business
  • Implementing regular planning rhythms within the team

Belinda has an incredible work ethic and has many creative ideas she is able to share for the growth and evolution of the Patterson Built brand. We look forward to building an even greater relationship with Belinda over time and are so grateful to have her on board.