A custom pool builder to create your backyard oasis

Attain envy status in your neighbourhood with a Patterson Built pool in your backyard or just keep cool in the long hot Sydney summers.

Why not have the whole package for your home? Custom-built home, custom-built pool. It goes without saying. A pool is for life. And so is a Patterson Built pool.

What Patterson Built offer:

  • Unique, custom designs for one-of-a-kind projects
  • Second-to-none construction quality
  • Thousands worth of extras included in the standard price.

Choosing the right custom pool builder to construct your backyard oasis is so important. Hiring an inexperienced builder could result in major cost blowouts and not to mention, cause irreparable damage to your property.

You don’t need to worry about that with a custom-built pool from Patterson Built. Rest assured that your project will be followed through from beginning to end by Grant Patterson and his team of professional pool installation experts.

Leave the stress out and put a Patterson Built pool in!

Looking for a custom pool builder? Look no further – Patterson Built!

Managing Director Grant wants his clients to have the utmost trust in him and his team when it comes to such a major project like a backyard pool. If you’re in the market for a pool to enhance your Sydney home, call Grant today to get the process underway.

Here are some things to consider when looking for a company to take on your pool build:

  • Check if they are properly licenced or certified to build swimming pools.
  • What are their inclusions?
  • Are the components (pipes, steel etc) good quality? Ask about their suppliers and materials.
  • Signs that show poor craftmanship – cracking, large radius corners (pool is shaped like a bowl), has loose or uneven tiling, signs of messy mortar and concrete and staining.

Don’t leave anything to chance. If you decide to go with a Patterson Built Pools, you’ll be guided every step of the way. Call today to arrange a quote.

You can rest assured that your project will be followed through from beginning to end by Grant Patterson and his team of professional pool installation experts.

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Dreaming of a wet Christmas?

After the seemingly endless chill of winter there’s nothing like the onset of Spring to put a proverbial spring back in your step and for that recurrent daydream to resurface of lolling about a pool deck with a cold drink in hand. Imagine having to go no further than your own backyard to find this soothing, watery sanctuary guaranteed to wash away your stresses and cleanse your summer-loving soul. Imagine no longer!

Patterson Built are the experts in watery sanctuaries. Their team of custom pool builders develop a great sense of ownership for every pool build that comes their way, because they love the feeling of satisfaction upon completion just like they’d built their own pools, in their own backyards for their own families. Being able to witness the sheer elation when their clients see the finished product and take their first dip is what ultimately inspires the Patterson Built team to keep delivering pools on their promise year after year. Grant Patterson, his dedicated staff and highly experienced sub-contractors make it their mission to build your vision to the highest of standards, ensuring an investment for life that will bring your family years of enjoyment.

As long as they’re invited to the first pool party! 😉

Custom built pool construction – timeframes and technicalities

Pools are a great lifestyle choice, but for first-time pool builders, it can be a rather daunting prospect given it can take anywhere from three to six months for its construction to be complete. But don’t worry. That’s why you work with custom pool builders like the team at Patterson Built, as they’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

From your pre-construction site inspection and evaluation right through to the final stage when your new pool is filled, our dedicated builders will be there to answer any questions and generally make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Breath some new life into your existing pool

 The team at Patterson Built don’t just build pools. They also love a good pool renovation!

You’ve given your house a makeover and now it’s time to get your pool ‘summer ready’ with a new pool deck, water feature or waterfall. Go all out and add some extra seating to accommodate for all the extra visitors over the warmer months!

The options are pretty much boundless. After all, the hard work is done. The pool is in! It just needs some tender loving care to spruce up its wares. Patterson Built are just the guys to do it. Grant and his team also specialise in all areas of pool renovation including:

  • Pool painting – Pool resurfacing – Decking and surrounds – Waterline tiling

Whether it’s painting or resurfacing you’re looking into or a full structural renovation, Grant and his team of skilled pool renovation technicians will have your pool looking like new in no time. The collective knowledge of Patterson Built’s craftsmen and women will do nothing short of amaze you. The myriad options available for uplifting your backyard oasis will breathe life into your pool. All you need to do is tell Grant what you envisage and it will come to fruition. They love a challenge so don’t hold back!

Everyone loves a makeover!

Contact Patterson Built today to see how they can modernise your pool with a fresh paint job, new surface or some new surrounding aesthetics to brighten up the space.