Above Ground Pools in Sydney

Above ground pools have become a big hit in Sydney, offering an easy and affordable way to cool down. They’re simpler to set up than traditional in-ground pools, and they come in various styles to suit every home.

The Rising Popularity of Above Ground Pools

In recent years, more homeowners in Sydneyare turning their eyes towards above-ground pools, including the popular fibreglass above ground pool and the rectangle above ground pool. Their rising popularity isn’t surprising, given the allure of above ground pools decks and designs like the permanent above ground pool. They offer a combination of convenience, affordability, and flexibility that’s hard to find in their in-ground counterparts.

Benefits of choosing above ground over in-ground pools

  • Cost-Effective: Above ground pools typically come at a fraction of the cost of in-ground pools. Without the need for extensive excavation, labor costs are minimized, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious homeowners, especially those looking for above ground pool ideas on a budget.
  • Flexibility: They can be installed in various sizes and shapes, from the space-saving small above ground pool to larger ones suitable for bigger families. If you ever decide to move, some above-ground pools can be dismantled and taken with you.
  • Safety: With their elevated design, above-ground pools like the concrete above ground pool can often be safer. Many come equipped with ladders or steps, reducing the risk of accidental falls. Moreover, these pools, when paired with a robust ladder, ensure easier and safer access.
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The Different Types of Above Ground Pools

The world of above-ground pools is not as straightforward as it might seem. There are various types and styles, each designed with specific needs and spaces in mind.

The standard above-ground pool: Features and benefits

Standard above-ground pools are the most common choice for many homeowners. These pools typically feature:

  1. Durability: Made from robust materials like vinyl, metal, or resin, they are built to withstand various weather conditions and last for years.
  2. Quick Installation: Unlike in-ground pools, these can often be set up in a day or two, allowing you to enjoy the water almost immediately.
  3. Cost-Efficiency: As there’s no need for digging or laying out concrete, these pools are a more affordable option for those wanting to beat the heat on a budget.
  4. Easy Maintenance: Their design facilitates straightforward cleaning, reducing the time and effort required for pool care.

The smallest above-ground pools for compact spaces

For those with smaller yards or constrained spaces, the smallest above-ground pools offer a solution without compromising on the fun. These compact pools:

  1. Maximize Space: Designed to fit snugly in tight spots, they ensure that every inch of your yard is utilized efficiently.
  2. Portable: Many of these pools can be easily dismantled and stored during off-seasons or moved to a new location.

Special features and materials used

Modern above-ground pools can come equipped with a variety of special features:

  1. Fiberglass Shells: These offer a smooth finish, resistance to algae buildup, and a longer lifespan.
  2. Saltwater Systems: Some pools now offer saltwater systems, which can be gentler on the skin.
  3. LED Lighting: Enhance the evening ambiance with integrated LED lights that can change color or set a mood.
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Maintenance Tips and Tricks for Your Above Ground Pool

An above-ground pool is a joy, but like all joys, it requires a bit of upkeep. Here’s how you can ensure your pool remains as dazzling as day one:

Keeping your pool clean and safe

  1. Regular Skimming: Use a hand skimmer to remove leaves, bugs, and other debris. This simple act can significantly improve your pool’s appearance and efficiency.
  2. Vacuuming: Ensure you vacuum the pool floor weekly to keep water clear and reduce chemicals.
  3. Check Water Levels: During swimming and evaporation, the water level can drop. Refill it as necessary and check the chemical balance.

Seasonal maintenance guide

  1. Spring Start-Up: Remove your pool cover, clean it, and then store it. Reconnect all pool equipment and start your pool filtering system.
  2. Summer Care: Regularly test your pool water and ensure chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels remain balanced.
  3. Autumn Prep: Consider using a pool cover to keep out falling leaves and debris.
  4. Winterizing: Lower the water level, add winter chemicals, and disconnect all equipment to protect them from freezing conditions.

Why Choose Patterson Pools as Your Above Ground Pool Builders?

Patterson Pools is a well-known pool builders company in Sydney. We are dedicated to making people’s aquatic dreams come true.

Overview of our services in Sydney and testimonials

Patterson Pools offers a comprehensive range of services in Sydney, from initial consultations and site assessments to installation and after-sales support. Our team comprises experienced professionals who understand the local terrain, climate, and preferences, tailoring solutions that resonate with Sydney’s dynamic lifestyle.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

At Patterson Pools, quality isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a promise. We handpick our products, ensuring they meet rigorous standards of durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

But our commitment goes beyond products; it permeates every aspect of our service. From the first call to the final installation, our goal is to ensure an experience that’s as refreshing as the pools we install.

We understand the significance of investing in a pool. Our commitment lies in ensuring that it brings happiness, calmness, and numerous good memories for our customers. Choose Patterson Pools for a pool that comes with a community that prioritizes quality, honesty, and customer happiness.

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"Their after-sales support is top-notch. Every question I had was answered promptly. Highly recommend!" - Liam R.

Making the Right Purchase: Sales and Offers

When investing in an above-ground pool, it’s crucial to ensure you’re getting value for your money. Patterson Pools is here to help.

Current sales and promotional offers

Patterson Pools regularly runs sales and promotions to ensure our customers always get the best deal. Watch our website or call (02) 8046 1311 for the newest deals, like discounts, bundle offers, or seasonal sales.

Navigating the purchasing process with Patterson Pools

  1. Consultation: Speak to our experts about your needs, yard size, and budget. We’ll guide you to the right pool choice.
  2. Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees or surprise costs. We break down the prices so you know exactly what you’re paying for.
  3. Financing Options: If needed, we offer flexible payment plans to make your pool purchase easier on your pocket.

Ensuring the Best: Why Our Pools are Top-Rated in Australia

We pride ourselves on our reputation, but it’s not by chance that Patterson Pools has become a trusted name.

The quality assurance process

  1. Rigorous Testing: Every pool we offer goes through a series of tests to ensure durability, safety, and longevity.
  2. Continuous Training: Our team stays updated with the latest industry standards, ensuring we always provide the best to our customers.

Customer reviews and success stories

  1. Satisfied Families: Over the years, countless families have enjoyed our pools, and their reviews attest to our commitment to quality.
  2. Professional Recognition: Industry experts and pool magazines frequently feature Patterson Pools, validating our excellence.
  3. After-Sale Support: Our relationship with customers doesn’t end at purchase. The continued support and assistance we provide have garnered us loyalty and trust.

Budget-Friendly Options: Quality Pools for Every Wallet

We understand that investing in a pool is a significant commitment. But a tight budget shouldn’t keep anyone from enjoying the benefits of a refreshing pool. Let’s explore the solutions:

Options for those looking for cost-effective pools

  1. Compact Sizes: Smaller pools not only save space but are also lighter on the wallet, without sacrificing the joy of a swim.
  2. Simple Designs: Avoiding intricate designs and focusing on the basics can still result in a functional and enjoyable pool.

How Patterson Pools provides value for money

  1. Bulk Purchases: By sourcing materials in large quantities, we can pass on the savings to our customers.
  2. In-house Expertise: Our trained team cuts out the need for external contractors, ensuring quality work at a more affordable rate.
  3. Transparent Pricing: We ensure you only pay for what you get, with no hidden costs.
"The systems and processes that we’ve developed are comprehensive and place you at the centre of everything that we do so you can be assured that we’ll always deliver your new pool project or renovation to the highest standards."

What Sets Patterson Built Pool Builder Apart

1. Custom designed for you

We’ll create a unique custom design tailored specifically for your lifestyle, tastes, home, budget and block

2. Master Pool Builders

Our team are Master Pool Builders with over 20 years experience delivering high-end luxury custom pools and spas to our happy clients

3. On time & on budget

We’re a boutique Sydney pool builder that only takes on a small number of pools per year so you can be assured that your project will have our full attention and be delivered on time and to budget.

4. DA & council approvals

Our experienced team will look after every step of your project including lodging all of your DA and council approvals, taking the stress out of the process.

5. Extensive pool range

From a luxury horizon pool to a suburban plunge pool to a complete pool renovation- we can help bring your vision to life no matter what that vision is.

6. We can look after it all

We can also assist you with your landscaping, tiling, decking, water features, lighting and more.

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